Read what clients have to say about my translation and editing services.

Meticulous and On-Time

I am very pleased with Steven’s work. He translated my article, and the translation faithfully expressed my ideas with the same power and accuracy as in the original. Steven is meticulous and delivers on time. I highly recommend him!! — An academic researcher based in Europe

Amazing Job

I am not sure how you did this... the text feels so much more coherent now. Some of your changes shocked me at first and the more I thought about them, the more I liked them! You did an amazing job. I am still quite speechless. — Mariann Wenckheim, leadership coach and graduate of INSEAD's Executive Master in Change program

Extremely Satisfied

A real professional. Applies his editing expertise to translations and makes relevant suggestions. Extremely satisfied with the work he has completed for us. — Virginie Belhumeur, Marketing Director at Propulso

Quick and Thorough

I appreciated that Steven completed the worked quickly and thoroughly. — A client who had a law school application edited

Second to None

Steven Watt's skills as a historical translator are second to none and we were priviledged to work with him on these chapters... — Peter Gossage and Robert Rutherdale, editors of Making Men, Making History: Canadian Masculinities across Time and Place (UBC Press, 2018)

Faithful Translation

Thanks! The developer said it was the most faithful translation work he has seen! — A library automation system provider

Meticulous Work

We had asked Steven to edit an article written in English by a researcher whose first language was not English. Steven proposed numerous changes, all of which were necessary, justified, astute and perfectly in tune with the author’s intentions. He even flagged a few issues with the footnotes. Meticulous and highly professional work. I enthusiastically recommend him! — Cédric Jourde, Associate Professor of Political Studies, University of Ottawa

High Level of Skill

The work completed by Mr. Watt reflected a high level of skill in translation and editing. Not only did he deliver on time, but he showed flexibility and understanding when we had to adjust the payment terms. — The director of a local historical society

What more can I say?

Quality work, smooth communication, on-time delivery. What more can I say? — A professor at a Quebec university

Go-To for Plain Language

When developing online resources for teens, Steven was my go-to for plain-language editing. We sometimes received submissions from brilliant people whose writing style was just a bit too complex for our average reader. I could count on Steven to transform the text into something accessible, teen-friendly and fun—always with tremendous respect for the author's voice and expertise. — Tina Bankovic, a former colleague at Let's Talk Science


Very quick translation. Steven was very responsive. — A client who ordered a certified translation